How To Increase Hotel Revenue in Low Season

how to increase hotel revenue in low season

Hotel industry goes through revenue loss in every year during off-season and this unfortunate fact is the reality of this industry.

“Off season” is the interval of the year when the demand of the hotels get lesser and the revenue gets affected and eventually the business gets badly impacted.

However with few simple steps, we can gear up our self to attract more customers during low peak season and increase our occupancy rate.

1. Identify When Low Season Periods Occur With Forecasting

The critical foundation step is to forecast the low occupancy period with precision this gives the hotel industry and the hotelier a clear picture of the expected credits, which will be received, and the payable during that period.

This simply enables the hotelier for a better management and provides the control and access in different divisions of the hotel, with a thorough planning.

In case the hotel have a long chain of vendors, which can also be tailored for the low season, which might help to cut the extra cost for the hotel.

2. Target New Customer Segments With a Dynamic Marketing Drive




Low season or off-season is the perfect time to diversify your business.

It’s highly recommended that during off-season you should mine your own customer data and communicate with your clients via email and other social media and identify the customer trends, their need and what you can do beyond the scope to pull those customers back to your hotel.

Here a good discount voucher and some additional amenities can really help to pull back that guest.
For example, if the guest is searching Couple Friendly hotels near Delhi/NCR, you can power the deal with a package of early check in and late check out with a non-alcoholic welcome drink. This motivates the user to book the hotel room instantly.




You can create a combo package for guest who are interested in mental and physical health or who want to focus on spiritual growth by organizing a yoga and free meditation camp inside the hotel premises.

Baby boomers: Bloomers are generally in their retirement years and they tend to have much more free time and the ideal target for the low season sale. Create a well-defined package for them and start reaching them out individually and welcome them to your hotel.

Travelers with pets (Pet Friendly Hotels in Delhi /NCR) We understand that allowing pet inside the hotel is not only messy but sometimes very scary. However for low season, Hoteliers can mark it as an exception and make your hotel as pet friendly and this will definitely attract furry friends owner and their family who would be otherwise reluctant to leave their pet for a trip.

Family package: Create a family package deal, which will definitely boost occupancy rate in low season Beefing up your marketing strategy and anticipating the customer segments that will be your main sources of business will be indispensable to overcome this challenge.

3. Tap the Corporates



The company and Corporate always look for places to build up team hurdles, Team building exercises and retreats, Corporate meeting and events.

Company owners also looking for corporate offsite hotels in Delhi/NCR also look for a working space for private projects.

There are many initiatives that a hotel can generate to earn more revenues during low season. This can also be outstanding sources of axillary revenue.

4. Geo Specific Targeting




You can also play with the Geo specific customer database for example if you are hotelier in North Indian Mountain zone like in Uttarakhand or Himachal, you could target potential customers from Mid Indian states like Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan during summers to escape the summer heat.

5. Maximize the Reach of Your Digital Marketing Campaigns



Optimize the marketing campaign and enhance your social presence. The hotel can increase the revenue by achieving a higher position on Google ads and Meta search engines.

Target a broader spectrum of customers through a very specific marketing campaign, which can be run on social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram with very precise and targeted keywords Also you can try in increasing the investment in search engine marketing by buying brand neutral keywords.

6. Clash your Room Tariff

Reducing the Room tariff is an effective tool to be at par in the competition and attract price sensitive guest who don’t turn up during high-priced season.

With proactive strategic planning, you can skyrocket your success in low season periods, no matter what type of hotel property and level of seasonality.


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